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TYITA548NJFixed an issue in iNotes related to auto-save that would lead to either duplicate attachments or multiple attachments beginning with ATTxxx in the...
ASAO9MG929Notes web: Fixed an intermittent issue that recipients received an error when doing "Accept" or "Tentative Accept" on a specific meeting...
ASAO9MCAZLLegacy iNotes architecture set all Notes item values with their names (item names) to JavaScript global object (window). If customer data had a Notes...
LNGN9WBQ5PInternet Explorer specific : Unable To Download .Xls/.Xlsx File On IE 11
HHIE9ZBCWXPosition Of "Refresh Unread Count" Button On 901fp4hf154 Is Different From 901fp4
ADOS8NHLDKWhen using the Find Room or Find Resource capability, iNotes will now use the last selected site by default.
ASAO9K6HRBNotes web: Fixed an issue where some names were removed when "Replying to All" on a specific mail message.
ASAO9L8H3TFixed an issue where schedule information was available for users who had recently set "No one can see your schedule information."
ASAO9K5D6XiNotes: Fixed the ability to update an event as the chair when the event repeats
TAIA8V9J9LInotes > Resource Reservation > Owner Restrictions Do Not Work
XXQU8PDCF4Addressed issue with ambiguous recipient names containing partial internet addresses incorrectly auto resolving to full name. This is a regression in...
TAIA9YG5BWFix issue where some lines of plain text signature are lost if multiple lines of a plain text signature are configured to append automatically and...
CKUA9HA7Z4iNotes: Fixed ability for calendar only administrative assistant to pick a name from the executives contacts
MELIAU64QSiNotes - Fixed a problem where typeahead was adding an additional character after filling in selected match.
MELIAW958ViNotes: Fixed a problem where an attachment with a filename containing a space character could not be downloaded. The URL will now be correctly...
UTOOAVQDYCiNotes - Fixed a problme where extra lines were not appear on sending, when rich text had been changed to plain text format. This regression was...


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